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CompuCycle and Teens for Technology has partnered to find a useful home for your end-of-life computers. Below are pictures of a Jamaican school filling up its classrooms with refurbished computers from CompuCycle and an assembly to introduce the new machines.


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PBS Frontline ran a sobering documentary last night detailing the trade of e-waste from US homes and businesses to Chinese, Ghanaian, and Indian landfills.

Watch it here now.

Accompanied by graduate students, Correspondent Peter Klein tracks two PCs from California to Hong Kong, interviews an e-waste broker, and discovers wedding pictures from a resold hard drive in Ghana.

Feeling a little less secure about your recycling options? One striking part of the film is during the secretly taped interview with the e-waste broker. He repeats: Recycling always costs money. Watch the documentary to understand why its worth it.

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In a surprise move last Friday Governor Rick Perry vetoed HB 821–legislation that would have required television manufacturers to provide consumers with free and convenient recycling of their end-of-life TVs. Consumers and environmentalists will now have to wait two years until the next session of the Texas Legislature convenes.

Executives from CompuCycle, Inc., and The Texas Campaign for the Environment recently hosted a press conference in favor of HB 821, along with supporters Harris County Commissioner Sylvia Garcia and HB 821 co-authors State Representative Carol Alvarado, and State Representative Amando Walle, both from the Houston area.

CompuCycle Commercial Vice President Clive Hess said, “This legislation is critical because e-waste is not regulated on a federal or state level. The Governor’s veto opens the door for irresponsible recycling in Texas. Had HB 821 become law, manufacturers would have been incentivized to produce less toxic, less wasteful products at the beginning of their life-cycle rather than passing responsibility for appropriate, environmentally sensitive disposal to the end-user.”

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