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Senator Amy Klobuchar introduced Senate Bill 1397 last Monday, July 6. The bill proposes funding a grant program to research novel solutions to the electronic recycling issue. The ‘Electronic Device Recycling Research and Development Act’ will set up million dollar budgets to be handed out by the Environmental Protection Agency in accordance with the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

So what issues have we to face down in this fast-paced, technological era? SB 1397 and many e-recycling proponents wish to stem the ever-increasing waste stream and believe the steps to take are:

  • Increased efficiency of collection and recycling
  • Expanded uses for the material make-up of machines
  • Find environmentally friendly alternatives to toxic components that currently do the job
  • Find environmentally friendly way to dispose of the existing toxic elements
  • Reconsider product design to make more recycle-able systems
  • Reduce the rapid obsolescence of electronics
  • Make upgrades and reuse easier
  • Increase awareness about the need to e-cycle

Have any ideas?


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At the Turn In Your Tube event in Houston, Texas, on June 12, CompuCycle’s Commercial Vice President Clive Hess and Procurement Officer Denia Mejia taught over 500 children a little bit more about the electronics they use in their home every day.

Did you know that a 36″ TV with a weight of 119 pounds has the following material make-up:

  • Plastic – 20 lbs.
  • Boards – 5 lbs.
  • Speakers – 1 lb.
  • Wire – 4 lbs.
  • Yoke & Neck – 1 lb.
  • CRT Glass – 88 lbs. (Remember, CRT glass contains an average 6 to 8 pounds of lead!)

Stopping by our booth was Harris County Commissioner Sylvia Garcia, our partner in the preceeding day’s press conference to push for mandatory TV manufacturer recycling programs.

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